Monday, 26 November 2012

Hi guys, I get to do my first tag! ^‿^

I'm so happy I get to do this! I've seen it and wished someone would tag me (I suppose I could of done it anyway, but it's fun being tagged!) and now Emma AND Yasmine has, thank you :D

Here are the rules:

- Put 11 random facts about yourself

- Answer 11 questions from the blogger that tagged you

- Create a new set of questions for those you tag

- Tag bloggers with under 200 followers

Here are 11 random facts about me!

1. I really enjoy writing (and reading of course)
2. I just bought an xbox and have been playing it non-stop (ac brotherhood if you're interested, it's my favourite although I have yet to try ac3)
3. I'm into all things crafty (my friend and I made christmas bunting :D)
4. I like brackets (they're fun)
5. I'm usually never serious unless it's about a few things 
6. I have trouble sleeping (some nights I don't sleep at all - that's always fun) 
7. I am incredibly lazy
8. I once got locked in a toilet and the fire service had to come and rescue me (I was really young)
9. I love animals 
10. I almost drowned in a foam party 
11. I saw busted live (mcfly were there also) 

That was actually really hard to do!

Emma's questions:
1. Would you rather wear only face make up (eg. foundation) or only wear eye make up (eg. mascara) for the rest of your life?
Eye makeup definitely - it'd be eyeliner, I love how it can transform eyes. 

2.If you could be someone famous, who would you become?
Hmmmm this is hard! A young Kate Moss, maybe. Or Winona Ryder. Or Keira Knightley. Is it weird every one of these females have had something to do with Johnny Depp? It's a coincidence I swear! ;)

3. What is your favourite subject?
Hmm this is really difficult. I loved astrophyiscs and english and classics/history, I even enjoyed maths! But I think astronomy is what I read into most now I've finished school, either that or religious studies. 

4. What made you start blogging and why did you choose that name for your blog?
I actually started watching youtube videos first and wanted to do that but the editing process where you're just staring at your face for ages really decreased my self value so I didn't bother with that. I've had various blogs over the years but not really about one thing in particular, even though this isn't about one thing. 
I really love language and I think I was just playing around on google translate (Yeah...I do that quite a bit) and essehumana came up which means 'to be human'. It inspired me so I used it for my instagram first, then twitter, tumblr and now this. Coincidently I only recently listened to Ellie Gouldings song 'human' and it has "to be human" in it, that was a completely mind blowing experience! 

5. If you could only shop in ONE shop, which shop would it be?
Hmmm this is hard! Maybe asos because of the range it has? Saying that I don't think one item of clothing I own is from there! 

6. What are your staple clothing pieces in your winter wardrobe?
Hmm, tights and scarves I guess. I usually layer a lot so I guess my staple there are these floaty vests from H&M. 

7. Who inspires you?
Damn, this is tricky! I'd say people who've overcome a lot, JK Rowling, Stephen Fry. Although thinking about it Rosianna (aka Missxrojas on the youtubes) probably inspires me most. When I first started watching her videos in maybe 2008 just hearing her talk about books really made me want to read which was great because back then I didn't read all that much. I think she's coped with things really well and is kind - BASICALLY she's a level one girl crush right there. (If you're unfamiliar with level of girl crushes, girl whatchu doing with your life? It's from Jenna Marbles of course!)

8. What three items would you take with you to a desert island?
My phone, my laptop and a wifi connection.

9. Who are your favourite fashion/beauty bloggers?
Most likely beautycrush, Zoella and clothesencounters (on youtube).

10. What is your favourite perfume?
I'm not really big on scents but I was really into the (sample) illamasqua perfume, freak. 

11. What item(s) of clothing have you worn the most in the past year?
My pyjamas, haha! That or some type of lounge wear, or skirts and tights. 

Yasmines questions:
1.who is your favourite author?
Hmmm either JK Rowling or Sylvia Plath
2.what is your latest favourite makeup item?
Blusher! I just don't know how to wear it!
3.if you had one wish what would you wish for?
Probably to be the person I want to be, bit vague for a wish though. 
4.if you could go back or forward in time where would you go and why?
I'd go back, I love history, If I could I'd go to so many different places just to visit. There's no fun knowing what will happen is there? have you changed in the past three years, and are you glad the change happened?
I've become a lot more direct. I used to be quite shy but not so much anymore. I still get so awkward at times, mostly online to people I don't know, but in person I'm usually fine. I'm so happy about it, I still sort of kick myself a lot but not nearly as much. I'd rather have said something than nothing at all.
6.if you would be any colour crayon what would you be and why?
Haha ummm I'd be a brown because not that many people like brown so wouldn't use it and i'd stay in tact while everyone else is getting all used up. 
7.what was the first album you ever bought?
Probably a busted album haha
8.if you could invent any makeup/beauty thing what would it be and why?
Hmmm, this is hard. This is really hard. I've been thinking of something for five minutes and I just can't think, it's so hard to think of something that doesn't exist! 
9.what is you biggest tip for anyone starting blogging?
Have a professional looking or appealing blog, it really stands out of the crowd. 
10.what is your favourite place ever?
Hmm this is also hard, probably everywhere and nowhere. 

11.if you could create any law (serious or crazy) what would it be and why?
Definitely for animal testing to be completely illegal for the cosmetic industry, I think it's barbaric we're still doing it and insisting on doing it. It doesn't need to be done.

My questions :D
  1. Are you an animal person? If so, which is your favourite? 
  2. If you could visit any time, where would you go? 
  3. If you could live in any book/movie/tv show, which would it be?
  4. Whats a thing you do that you know is illogical but you do it anyway?
  5. Where do you most want to go in the world? 
  6. What's one piece of makeup or clothing you own but are scared to wear?
  7. If you have any, what are your favourite quotes? 
  8. If you could automatically have one skill what would you chose?
  9. What's the most expensive makeup product you own and what would be the limit?
  10. Do you prefer makeup or clothes?
  11. What's your all time favourite product/item of clothing? 
These all seem really random but I'm really interested to hear the answers :D 

I tag:
Teafeathers (She doesn't have her name on the blog ⊙﹏⊙)

So many people have already done the tag :((( 

Monday, 12 November 2012

DIY coffee candle

I saw this around the internet and thought I'd share my views on it.
I firstly thought this would be a waste of coffee beans considering a lot of them are used here. However, I love the smell of coffee - it really helps with keeping myself on track. The idea is the heat from the candle will make the coffee bean scent more noticeable  The scent of coffee doesn't radiate the room strongly but lingers around the room. If you leave and come back into the room you can definitely smell coffee and in such a nice warm way!
It's athletically pleasing too, looking simple yet different. I think these would be great in a coffee shop too, they just look great!
Here's the original picture I found from pinterest:
Obviously the more you have the stronger the smell will be although I doubt it would ever be overbearing. I've had 7 new candles recently and this sort is by far my favourite, even more so than the christmassy ones! 

(Just don't do what I did and knock it over. Coffee beans everywhere. They really do fly.)

Saturday, 10 November 2012

A 5 minute meal that'll leave you full for hours.

I've been quite food-y lately so here's my go-to dinner/lunch.

I feel like I'm slightly cheating here but there are some people, a few, who don't know what couscous is or how to make it. My version takes about 5 minutes or less. 
  • The amount you have depends on how hungry you are but it really increases in size. I'd say anywhere from 45grams to 90grams per person. If you're just having couscous have a larger amount, if you're mixing it or having a lot with it, go for a less amount obviously. 
  • Next fill up the kettle, you want to do it for about 300mls
  • What I like to do is pour the amount into a jug, usually you add 1.5 parts water/stock to 1 part couscous - or that's how I do it. Note how much water you should pour in.
  • Next add a stock cube, gravy granules and/or spices and herbs into the jug. (Just as a heads up if you are vegan I would check with the brand you've got, some aren't suitable for vegans. Holland and barrat in the UK sell vegan stock cubes.) 
  • Add the water and stir until all is disolved. 
  • Pour in the couscous, stirring as you go to make sure all parts will get the same amount of herbs/spices. What will happen if you don't is the top will be very flavoured and the bottom not so much. 
  • Cover it and leave it for a few minutes.
  • Come back and you've got your couscous!
  • Now in the time being you could be preparing a salad or some vegetables, or even tortilla wraps. It really is whatever takes your fancy. (I do recommend it in stuffed peppers too, amazingly tasty.) Although obviously the more food or the fancier you are the longer it'll take.

Recently I've been adding some crushed chillies, cayenne spice, pepper and mixed herbs to vegetable stock and leaving it at that. I like mine really spicy and it fills you up so well! 
Couscous is also low calorie, being around 1 calorie a gram. 

Next recipe idea will be a healthy chocolatey desert (and vegan). 

Friday, 9 November 2012

Whetting your appetite

Has it really been 11 days? It feels like a month!
I've been m.i.a recently for no other reason than being a bit rubbish. However, the 11 day hiatus will soon come to an end! I've got a ton of post ideas.
Here's a few to whet your appetite.

  • Product reviews including Benefit, Clinique, Yves rocher and LUSH. 
  • Essential skin care products on a budget
  • A christmas type haul.
  • Candle idea (this is really exciting for me)
  • Vegan and vegetarian recipes* - most of them are incredibly quick because I am incredibly lazy and impatient. Some will be:
    • flapjacks 
    • soups
    • 5 minute dinners
    • quick nutritional breakfasts
    • smoothies 
    • deserts 
  • Tips to to shop wisely in charity/second hand shops
  • Homemade natural face masks and cleansers 
  • Various knitting app reviews
If any of these things catch your fancy make sure you stay tuned! I'm going to try to post one a day but we'll see how that goes. I'm always too ambitious - some may say that's a good thing but I'm also lazy and those two really don't mix.

Have a great day/night/evening/morning/TIME, HB x

*I want to clarify that I am no longer a vegan or vegetarian but I don't particularly like keeping meat in my house or cooking with it. It also has something to do with not having any clue how to cook meat - I was a vegetarian for so long that I never learnt. I became a meat-eater mainly because having the choice was appealing. I felt that I didn't have a choice, which was ridiculous, and if I even thought about eating meat I'd be guilty for days. Food is fuel and is never something you should feel guilty over. It's much more relaxing now, I can eat meat if I chose to - I just generally don't.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A review: Bourjois 'So Laque' nail polish.

I recently bought this nail polish in quite a hurry. I was wanted a black nail polish for a while so while I was in boots I decided to look around a bit. Surprisingly a lot of the brands didn't seem to do just a plain black shade so it narrowed down the options. A lot. I couldn't even see any other black polish! Instead of waiting till I got home to see which was the best I just bought this one, naively thinking it'd be good because it's by Bourjois. 
The polish goes on well, really well actually. It's fast trying, you'll be done in most likely a minute. The shine is okay, slightly disappointing considering that's it's main focus point in what it offers. The problem, as you might be able to see (here's a link if you can't see it) in the picture above, is that it chips so easily. I'm not talking after a few days either. Mine lasted a day without a topcoat and two - maximum of three with a topcoat. It states the shine will last 7 days, the shine might but it's pointless if the polish itself has gone! (Just to clarify: the shine doesn't last 7 days.) You won't even need to use nail polish remover, it'll just peal away! I suppose that's good, means you'll be using less remover! 
I definitely will not be repurchasing this or any other Bourjois nail polish and I don't recommend it to anyone. 
I seem to have a thing about blogging at a ghastly hour, I need to get better at time management! Today was down to catching up on The Paradise late and then proceeding to freaking out about if for about half an hour before calming down. I'll get better though! 

Saturday, 27 October 2012

The Christmas magazine - a review (kind of).

It's a long one today, but full of Christmassy goodness!

I came across this magazine for the first time on Thursday and almost squealed in the railway station's shop. I hadn't seen any christmas magazines before, admittedly I hadn't been as interested before, so as you can imagine I was high with the flood of ideas that came to me or would come soon after.
The magazine was £3.99, a little pricey if you ask me but I didn't look at the price too much - I was too preoccupied by the cover.
It has various styles you might want to adopt this christmas, such as gold tones, cool tones, nordic traditions, and my favourite -- a rustic, natural style. What's great about this magazine is that they really boost your imagination. You might see something you like but then you'll think "oh but if I do this, or tweak that it'll suit me better. A lot of people I've spoken to often see what is, rather than what could be. It's the same as when you go into a clothes shop, some people see a plain shapeless dress but forget a simple belt can change the item completely.
Getting back on track, some of the things that really stood out to me were:

  • The handmade wreaths - this can be both a great communal activity and a solitary one. 
  • Slightly frosted, small flower arrangements - perhaps pale colours mixed with browns and neutrals (for my rustic-y style) although we'll see how I feel, it looked great in the pictures.  
  • Pine cones and wooden baskets - I added "lots" to my notes, I was clearly enthused! 
  • CHRISTMAS JUMPERS - they note but today I bought one from Primark for £12 - great price considering garments from that website start at around £20 (well the ones I liked). I'll put the picture at the end of the post.
  • LOTS OF CANDLES - again, very enthusiastic.
  • DIY projects:
    • a present tree, the concept is an advent calendar with little parcels/bags/boxes/buckets hanging off of branches in a jug (or i assume anything similar). 
    •  a matchbox stack, similar concept: an advent calendar where the numbered boxes pull out as draws and reveal the daily gift. 
    •  Paper snowflakes - we know these, we've all done them (well I hope you have!)
    • small white pompom things, I've never actually done these as a child. I'm excited to try them! 

The magazine has various christmas decorations ranging from incredibly cheap (from poundlound, asda and wilkos) to quite the expensive little treasures. It has food ideas, gift ideas, tips on how to make the most out of your mantle piece, it even has a time plan for the Christmas meal.
Unfortunately, I believe this is only available in the UK and all of the stockists are also from the UK. It really is worth checking out if you're in need of some inspiration, although at £3.99 it's understandable to miss it.
It sounds like I'm getting paid for this, I just really loved the magazine even if my friends were getting very tired of my constant exclaims of "look at this! and this. AND THIS." Bunch of scrooge's.
It's a late post but it IS on the day I said I'd post this, win! Well, with 5 minutes to spare.
Here's my new jumper ^_^ (although bad quality!)

Thank you if you read this far! 

Friday, 26 October 2012


I'm really excited to start this blog, it's a way that I can keep track of all of my crafty projects, my favourite recipes as well as beauty interests! It's quite a wide range of things I'm going to be tackling but a little hard work is fun, right? It's getting quite late at the moment so no proper posts tonight.
Tomorrow I'm putting up my new bed, getting some christmassy and cosy things as well as making my first blog post.
I am indeed someone who gets extraordinarily excited about Christmas early. To the point of squealing. In August.
Tomorrow's post will be Christmas related, just my ideas about decor and DIY activities you can do on your own, or with friends/family.
Only good things to come.

(P.S. If you're interested the labels are what the majority of my posts will be, or relating to them.)