Saturday, 27 October 2012

The Christmas magazine - a review (kind of).

It's a long one today, but full of Christmassy goodness!

I came across this magazine for the first time on Thursday and almost squealed in the railway station's shop. I hadn't seen any christmas magazines before, admittedly I hadn't been as interested before, so as you can imagine I was high with the flood of ideas that came to me or would come soon after.
The magazine was £3.99, a little pricey if you ask me but I didn't look at the price too much - I was too preoccupied by the cover.
It has various styles you might want to adopt this christmas, such as gold tones, cool tones, nordic traditions, and my favourite -- a rustic, natural style. What's great about this magazine is that they really boost your imagination. You might see something you like but then you'll think "oh but if I do this, or tweak that it'll suit me better. A lot of people I've spoken to often see what is, rather than what could be. It's the same as when you go into a clothes shop, some people see a plain shapeless dress but forget a simple belt can change the item completely.
Getting back on track, some of the things that really stood out to me were:

  • The handmade wreaths - this can be both a great communal activity and a solitary one. 
  • Slightly frosted, small flower arrangements - perhaps pale colours mixed with browns and neutrals (for my rustic-y style) although we'll see how I feel, it looked great in the pictures.  
  • Pine cones and wooden baskets - I added "lots" to my notes, I was clearly enthused! 
  • CHRISTMAS JUMPERS - they note but today I bought one from Primark for £12 - great price considering garments from that website start at around £20 (well the ones I liked). I'll put the picture at the end of the post.
  • LOTS OF CANDLES - again, very enthusiastic.
  • DIY projects:
    • a present tree, the concept is an advent calendar with little parcels/bags/boxes/buckets hanging off of branches in a jug (or i assume anything similar). 
    •  a matchbox stack, similar concept: an advent calendar where the numbered boxes pull out as draws and reveal the daily gift. 
    •  Paper snowflakes - we know these, we've all done them (well I hope you have!)
    • small white pompom things, I've never actually done these as a child. I'm excited to try them! 

The magazine has various christmas decorations ranging from incredibly cheap (from poundlound, asda and wilkos) to quite the expensive little treasures. It has food ideas, gift ideas, tips on how to make the most out of your mantle piece, it even has a time plan for the Christmas meal.
Unfortunately, I believe this is only available in the UK and all of the stockists are also from the UK. It really is worth checking out if you're in need of some inspiration, although at £3.99 it's understandable to miss it.
It sounds like I'm getting paid for this, I just really loved the magazine even if my friends were getting very tired of my constant exclaims of "look at this! and this. AND THIS." Bunch of scrooge's.
It's a late post but it IS on the day I said I'd post this, win! Well, with 5 minutes to spare.
Here's my new jumper ^_^ (although bad quality!)

Thank you if you read this far! 


  1. I really want a christmas jumper, where do you recommend??

    In love with your blog - following straight away.


    1. I'd say Primark are pretty good. There's loads of other styles such as a green one with a penguin on. The quality is surprisingly good, it's closely knitted and really warm! I haven't found any in other high street shops just yet, but maybe it's just the shops I look in. The website the magazine listed have really great colourful ones, but it depends on your price range I suppose as they're about £20 more.
      Thank you so much!! It means a lot! :D