Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A review: Bourjois 'So Laque' nail polish.

I recently bought this nail polish in quite a hurry. I was wanted a black nail polish for a while so while I was in boots I decided to look around a bit. Surprisingly a lot of the brands didn't seem to do just a plain black shade so it narrowed down the options. A lot. I couldn't even see any other black polish! Instead of waiting till I got home to see which was the best I just bought this one, naively thinking it'd be good because it's by Bourjois. 
The polish goes on well, really well actually. It's fast trying, you'll be done in most likely a minute. The shine is okay, slightly disappointing considering that's it's main focus point in what it offers. The problem, as you might be able to see (here's a link if you can't see it) in the picture above, is that it chips so easily. I'm not talking after a few days either. Mine lasted a day without a topcoat and two - maximum of three with a topcoat. It states the shine will last 7 days, the shine might but it's pointless if the polish itself has gone! (Just to clarify: the shine doesn't last 7 days.) You won't even need to use nail polish remover, it'll just peal away! I suppose that's good, means you'll be using less remover! 
I definitely will not be repurchasing this or any other Bourjois nail polish and I don't recommend it to anyone. 
I seem to have a thing about blogging at a ghastly hour, I need to get better at time management! Today was down to catching up on The Paradise late and then proceeding to freaking out about if for about half an hour before calming down. I'll get better though! 


  1. I hate those nail polishes that chips ever so easily!
    I don't even have a top coat to prevent them!
    Thanks for the honest review!

  2. That's such a shame! Will not be trying that one out! xxx

  3. just followed your blog, follow mine please?x