Saturday, 10 November 2012

A 5 minute meal that'll leave you full for hours.

I've been quite food-y lately so here's my go-to dinner/lunch.

I feel like I'm slightly cheating here but there are some people, a few, who don't know what couscous is or how to make it. My version takes about 5 minutes or less. 
  • The amount you have depends on how hungry you are but it really increases in size. I'd say anywhere from 45grams to 90grams per person. If you're just having couscous have a larger amount, if you're mixing it or having a lot with it, go for a less amount obviously. 
  • Next fill up the kettle, you want to do it for about 300mls
  • What I like to do is pour the amount into a jug, usually you add 1.5 parts water/stock to 1 part couscous - or that's how I do it. Note how much water you should pour in.
  • Next add a stock cube, gravy granules and/or spices and herbs into the jug. (Just as a heads up if you are vegan I would check with the brand you've got, some aren't suitable for vegans. Holland and barrat in the UK sell vegan stock cubes.) 
  • Add the water and stir until all is disolved. 
  • Pour in the couscous, stirring as you go to make sure all parts will get the same amount of herbs/spices. What will happen if you don't is the top will be very flavoured and the bottom not so much. 
  • Cover it and leave it for a few minutes.
  • Come back and you've got your couscous!
  • Now in the time being you could be preparing a salad or some vegetables, or even tortilla wraps. It really is whatever takes your fancy. (I do recommend it in stuffed peppers too, amazingly tasty.) Although obviously the more food or the fancier you are the longer it'll take.

Recently I've been adding some crushed chillies, cayenne spice, pepper and mixed herbs to vegetable stock and leaving it at that. I like mine really spicy and it fills you up so well! 
Couscous is also low calorie, being around 1 calorie a gram. 

Next recipe idea will be a healthy chocolatey desert (and vegan). 


  1. I've definitely added couscous into my shopping basket to experiment with this recipe later in the week, lovely!

    1. Aw good!! You won't regret it at all, I have a massive jar full of couscous haha ^‿^