FAQ - kind of

My name is Hannah and I'm an 18 year old lazy so and so.

I love beauty, food, crafty/DIY stuff and fashion - these are the main themes by blog will be based on.
I've had many blogs before but never really understood the host websites but thankfully I GET IT. It was a great eureka moment and I'm still really proud.

I'd ideally want to be a writer although that's come under intense firing recently. Everything's up in the air at the moment and I suppose anything could happen (yes I am listening to Ellie Goulding at the moment).

I'm not in university at the moment - I was unable to take my exams due to medical reasons but I'll be taking some in January followed by the rest in May.

I've thought and rethought a lot about my life and my choices and right now I'm choosing to be healthier, in mind and body. I suppose this blog will be filled with healthy happy goodness.

I also have a twitter, a tumblr as well as a winter themed tumblr (a blog which will fill your insides with cheer and fuzziness - we all love the fuzzies. I do suggest you click the link, it's recommended by doctors I swear.

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